The staff of MEGA GUARD SA is excellently trained in the most modern global methods of security, safety and guarding. Their training due to continuous technology development, continues during their employment in our company. Their training continues in the handling of the available electronic and other means, in order to be able to fulfill their duties and to fully satisfy the requirements of our customers.

The company employs over 2,000 staff which is distributed:

Security guards: Security personnel, security guards, supervisors, etc.

Office staff: Administrative staff – secretariat – accounting – sales department

Technical staff: Electricians – Installers of Security Systems – CCTV etc.

Drivers: Patrol and first response security units

Monitoring station for Security Alarm and Video Alarm: Staff that receive all the data and act for the benefit of our customers

The advantage of MEGA GUARD, regarding our staff compared to other competing companies, is the low turnover of staff and the minimal departures of employees from the company, which result in high experience and excellent service.

Procedure for the recruit of our staff

Through a series of procedures, which does not contradict the applicable laws regarding the recruit of personnel, Mega Guard SA. collects information about candidates for a job position. Based on these, the person who is considered the most suitable is selected. All information collected by Mega Guard according to our privacy policy.

All details of your CV are personal data and by law, are not disclosed in part or in whole and are used with your consent, solely for the evaluation of your qualifications. We keep candidate CV to our company, for 2 years. During this period the HR department can re-evaluate it for the possibility of cooperation with our company

The methodology used for this purpose is the following:

Minimum Qualifications

According to MEGA SPRINT GUARD standards, the minimum qualifications required to hire a security guard are:

Work permit for security personnel based on Law 2518-97

Clear criminal record on request and of L.2518 / 97

Vigilance, discretion, ingenuity

Confidence – professional approach

Hard work and communication scales

Maturity and sense of duty

Physical condition, careful appearance

To withstand standing and intermittent walking at least 8 Hours

To be able to run 1000m in 5 min of time

Possibility of carrying at least 30 Kg for a distance of 50m

Vision 10⁄10 (using glasses)

Ability to distinguish common colors

Full acoustic acuity

Grammar knowledge (have graduated High School)

Job Analysis.

The detailed description work project that the candidate will be called to work on, as well as the conditions in which he will work.

The above information, which is usually explained from the security staff that already is working in the security service and helps the supervisor to clarify the nature of the job and the characteristics to be possessed by the person to be hired.

Skill tests

All the security personnel of MEGA GUARD are submitted to skill tests. This is a procedure that he must pass successfully to be recruited. These tests support and make the work of HR more effective, as through them we are able to:

  1. a) To determine if the person is able to meet the requirements arising from a specific work environment.
  2. b) To identify the guard post that suits the personality and inclinations of the individual.
  3. c) To make the best use of the identified abilities and skills of the individual.
  4. d) To check whether the already chosen specialty corresponds to the personality and inclinations of the individual.
  5. e) To identify alternative professional possibilities and additional inclinations of the individual.

Recruitment Process

MEGA GUARD SECURITY, seeing that the candidate employee meets all the conditions required, proceeds to hire him, offering satisfactory salaries, goals and an ideal working environment.

This fact highlights us as the most preferred employer in the market of Security Services. Hundreds of recruitment requests addressed to the Personnel Department of the company confirm the reputation of MEGA GUARD and its ability to select new staff at any time with the strict criteria it has established.

Basic education

After his recruitment, the security personnel must participate in the Basic Training according to the outline of E.KE.PIS. Personal and Property Security Services. Depending on his work post, he may need additional training in the systems and tools he may use.

Our Philosophy
The philosophy of our company is summarized in the quote, one of the seven philosophers of the ancient Greece. Pittakos of Mytilene:

"Wise people anticipate difficult things to happen and brave people when they do deal with them properly"
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