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Security Scanning Procedures for Persons & Vehicles:

General duty and mission of the security staff of MEGA SPRINT GUARD is the protection and safety  of the assets and interests of our customers, the protection and safety of people, buildings and facilities from any event that may have an impact on the security of the customer, such as indicative and not restrictive, damage, unauthorized access, theft, etc. losses and damages, negligence, negligence, or ignorance as well as in malicious and illegal actions.

The key factor in fulfilling the mission of the security staff of MEGA SPRINT GUARD is to be ready to react at any situation and this is that helps to deal effectively with any incident as well as modern crime practices.

The Security Stuff of MEGA SPRINT GUARD apply accordingly security standard or discreet surveillance or supervision for the Security Scanning Procedures for Persons & Vehicles, hand luggage, luggage, goods etc (private and professional)

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The philosophy of our company is summarized in the quote, one of the seven philosophers of the ancient Greece. Pittakos of Mytilene:

"Wise people anticipate difficult things to happen and brave people when they do deal with them properly"
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