MEGA SRPINT GUARD ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS A.E. carries out patrols of one or two people to monitor and control the premises and facilities of our customers, to ensure the security and safety of our customers.

Regular patrol services are carried out mostly at night. However, there is a possibility that the patrol service will be requested 24 hours a day.

MEGA SRPINT GUARD patrol services is:

1) Going by patrol vehicle to the points and facilities as defined in the content of the project

2) Surveillance of guarded areas through control of specific points

3) Confirmation through a surveillance system for the transition, presence and report on the results of the checks at the points

4) Safety management in its area of ​​responsibility if an event of emergency occurs 

5) Activating the procedures and notify the authorities when an illegal or suspicious actions is detected

6) Observe and record of data related to a suspicious event or other action

7) Providing information on developments and taking any other action required during an event

8) Fulfill the event reports daily

Our specialized staff that carries out the patrol inspections may, after the customer’s request, enter the building and carry out an internal inspection in the premises of the building that will be indicated to it, as well as to check the proper operation of the customer’s systems (e.g. security systems, SCADA systems and whatever else is requested, by filling in a form with the specific relevant indications).

All the patrols are controlled by the 24/7 Monitoring Center of our company and all the data (personal, professional and geospatial) are protected according to the requirements General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our Philosophy
The philosophy of our company is summarized in the quote, one of the seven philosophers of the ancient Greece. Pittakos of Mytilene:

"Wise people anticipate difficult things to happen and brave people when they do deal with them properly"
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