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Maintenance cleaning – Daily cleaning.

It concerns planned daily tasks, through a strictly adhered to schedule, in order to maintain the optimal level of cleanliness in the area:

  • Fully Cleaning Program.
  • Alternative cleaning programs.
  • Specialized cleaning services.
  • Scheduled maintenance services.

Initial cleaning of installations: 

Initial cleaning works before the installation of the customer, which require special machines, materials, equipment and specialized personnel, with respect to the installations and their construction materials, removal of useless objects and other materials, removal of hard contaminants.

Provision & Management of Hygiene Consumables: Ability to provide all personal hygiene materials, ability to provide equipment to reduce the consumption of personal hygiene items and ensure excellent quality materials, cost control, guarantee of annual expenditure.

Waste Management: Integrated waste management programs, waste management and ensuring environmental management rules and certification.

Mobile Cleaning Units:

Teams of fully equipped mobile units for immediate interventions and execution of special tasks. Immediacy and speed of intervention for emergencies.

Disinfestations / rodenticides / Disinfections / Repulsion of birds: Control of rodents and insects as well as control of nests and hatching eggs. Disinfections in particularly sensitive areas, such as schools, public transport, etc., With disinfection the reduction of the microbial load to safe levels is achieved with the use of preparations approved by EOF. Repulsion of Birds using Spikes, Nets and other systems, deodorization and microbicide


The company provides the possibility of finding, evaluating, hiring and managing the payroll of temporarily employed human resources, on behalf of third companies, in order to cover their temporary needs for a period of up to 36 months. payroll but also the legislation of the Greek labor market, we undertake the full coverage of the needs of your company or your company regarding the payroll procedures of the staff.


  • Temporary replacement of employees.
  • Complete and efficient staffing in human resources: cooks, bankers, workers, gardeners, waiters, storekeepers, cleaners, nurses, technicians, office workers, etc., without any commitment of the customer to the employees.
  • Finding, Evaluating & Providing Human Resources of various specialties,
  • Staffing in the form of Temporary Employment.


Specialized scientists and technicians, the modern machinery and materials used ensure high quality and aesthetic green projects, adapted to the architecture and the requirements of each space.

Design & design projects of green projects: Architectural design of green spaces, design of automatic irrigation systems, landscaping & landscaping and interior decoration

Garden construction projects: Construction of irrigation networks, lawn sowing and earthworks

Garden maintenance programs: Automatic watering control and scheduling, pruning of trees & shrubs, tree support, fertilization and plant protection

Special applications: Control of diseases eg caterpillar or pine cotton, re-sowing of damaged lawn and weed control on plots & uncultivated areas.


The Company is active in the following sectors:

  • Organization and operation of mass catering areas
  • Organization and operation of Canteens-Refreshments
  • Event Catering (such as Business Meals, Wedding, Baptism, Party, Inauguration etc)
  • Handling of ready meals, small meals, sandwiches
  • Organization and operation of Restaurants
Our Philosophy
The philosophy of our company is summarized in the quote, one of the seven philosophers of the ancient Greece. Pittakos of Mytilene:

"Wise people anticipate difficult things to happen and brave people when they do deal with them properly"
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