Nowadays, ensuring the protection of your property starts with prevention. Therefore, the installation of CCTV is an urgent need to be applied in places such as home, professional – craft facilities, solar park units and others. CCTV installation helps first to prevent and then to keep records, which help us to draw safe conclusions and know what we need to protect your life and property.

MEGA GUARD has extensive experience in the design and installation of CCTV systems has been established in the field, and monitors developments offering the safest and most modern technology to show.

In order to select the appropriate CCTV system, the facility must be inspected and any peculiarities and blind spots must be identified. Our experienced staff will provide your study for free and you will choose together the appropriate system that will meet your needs.

The technologies used in CCTV systems are:

Analogue CCTV:

Analog CCTV solutions are still highly effective for many surveillance applications. You belong to the traditional CCTV, the signal is transmitted in analog form for local projection from a location in the specific space.

High resolution analog cameras (HDCVI, HDTVI aHD, HD-SDI):

We would classify this solution as an intermediary between Analog systems and Digital. We prefer it when we want to upgrade our system from the old simple Analog to Analog system with high resolution cameras without the cost of installation if you use the same cable.

Digital IP (IP camera) cameras:

System is suitable for video and audio transmission with high image resolution and in addition we could transmit data via the Internet. Ideal for businesses, shops and houses with a medium level of risk, which covers to a great extent the level of security required.

High Quality Thermal Cameras

They are the appropriate solution for high risk areas, such as large facilities, airports, ports and generally facilities with a high level of security risk. The big advantage is that thermal cameras do not require any light source and have a thermal display of objects, even in cases of zero visibility.

Because of these capabilities, in addition to applications in safety and protection of life and property, they are widely used for mechanical, hydraulic and medical purposes such as e.g. to detect gutters, to measure human temperature remotely (Detection of viruses) and others.

The options you have with installing a CCTV system from Mega Sprint Guard are:

  • The connection to the 24/7 Video Monitoring Center to activate the virtual guard on your property
  • Recording and storing data for malicious actions or evaluating situations
  • Monitoring your property remotely via your mobile, tablet, computer or any compatible smart device you want
  • Vehicle license plate identification and registration
  • As an Access Control system for controlling traffic and length of stay in the supervised area
  • Video Content Analytics, for demographic data, eg to know in a store aisle the time of stay, the number, age, sheet of people found there
  • For control, monitoring and further actions in business cashier
  • As an alarm system to detect movement and activate the alarm and the Business Center to take the necessary action

You can contact us 24/7 to discuss any products you are interested in, our offers, the prices of our products and services.

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The philosophy of our company is summarized in the quote, one of the seven philosophers of the ancient Greece. Pittakos of Mytilene:

"Wise people anticipate difficult things to happen and brave people when they do deal with them properly"
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