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Access Control

These are electronic devices, designed to provide classified access to persons or vehicles according to the level of security and the time at the protected areas. Access is allowed only by using the correct “key” (eg password, card, etc.).

The installation of the Access control system (Access Control), is considered necessary to increase the security of the buildings and the monitoring and recording of all entrances – exits in the premises of the authorized holders of the password or the access card and of all the visitors, if they are allowed to entrance.

The changing legislation, either at national or European level, requires access control and graded access to the various premises of a company, now due to the GDPR and in the future with other parameters. For these reasons the system should be easily modifiable.

Also, the same system can be used to record and process the working hours (time presence) of employees with separate readers.

These systems can operate independently to control an input or in combination in large installations providing central control. These systems are divided into the following categories:

Standalone systems

These systems are the most economical for controlling the movement of incoming people in a facility. They are installed next to the main entrance of the supervised area and allow entry to the area, only to persons who have appropriate authorization. To achieve this control they confirm their identity in one of the following ways.

  • Enter a valid password on the input keyboard
  • The presentation of a valid proximity card to the input card reader
  • Confirming the identity of incoming individuals by identifying their fingerprint

Small – medium scale Access Control systems

Traffic control systems in this category are centrally monitored – supervised by one or more computers (server-client), which are responsible for both system programming and recording and storing the traffic history of incoming people in the monitored areas.

The control of the entrance / exit in the supervised areas of only the authorized persons is achieved by installing next to the supervised doors one of the following devices

  • Proximity card reader (anti-vandal type or simple)
  • Proximity card reader with built-in keyboard (anti-vandal type or simple)
  • Fingerprint reader

Large scale Access Control systems

These systems have the same configuration and structure as the systems of the previous category (central systems monitored – supervised by one or more computers in server-client configuration, local controllers (serial or network) that monitor the equipment of one port and card readers of various types (proximity, fingerprint, etc.))

Businesses have the ability to:

  • The system can be connected to internet or cloud and the company can remotely manage and control each control point
  • The option for each person separately with permission to enter in various places and unauthorized entry in others.
  • Local and remote recording of entry and exit of each person
  • Complete recording of movements in specific areas of the company
  • Delimitation of zones and hours of controlled access within the company
  • Recording time of arrival and departure of human resources from the workplace
  • Calculation of the exact time of stay in the workplace of each employee
  • Enter real-time employee status for leave, sickness, business travel and cancel access during this time.
  • Ability to export and print all reports in a Microsoft excel file

In general, the identification of users can be achieved by:

Passwords: The ID is the password:

The password must be entered on the keyboard. The same password can be used by different users. Theoretically it is the least safe.

Radio Frequency:

The technology used mainly in parking accesses due to the convenience allowed by the long distance between the ID (remote control) and the reader.

Magnetic Cards or Induction Cards:

The ID is carried close to the reader, a few inches apart. The reading is performed via radio frequency data transmission. It is an easy and safe method. The ID is usually a proximity card (like a credit card) or a plastic keychain, no battery required.


Phone access control with Bluetooth technology. The mobile phone identifies the user. The advantage of this system is the long distance of the reader, which is convenient for the vehicle or pedestrian.

Biometric control systems:

Biometric reading of fingerprints or face or iris. This identifies the user through its features, which are unique and unique to each person, and which gives a greater level of security.

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