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Bearing in mind that:

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY is the concept by which companies voluntarily incorporate social and environmental concerns into their business and stakeholder contacts. A socially responsible company does not only mean that it fully fulfills its legal obligations but also that it exceeds the limits of law enforcement and compliance by investing ‘more’ in its human resources, environment and its relations with its suppliers and customers. I responsibly declare that I recognize, accept, respect and apply:

  • Principles and fundamental labor rights as defined by the World Labor Organization, the Charter of Human Rights and European Legislation
  • Specialized training of staff in terms of technical issues related to the production process, in a regime of healthy and safe working conditions. Sensitivity to appropriate environmental protection.
  • Rules for identifying the risks that lurk in the production processes of the species that I offer with emphasis and importance in the concept of accident prevention and occupational risk.
  • Relationships of encouraging information and consultation with employee representatives and promoting trust and cooperation with employees.
  • The national environmental and labor legislation and the wage limits set by the National and / or the sectoral, special, local collective agreements. Equal pay for the same work in the same working conditions.
  • The agreed terms of employment and work.
  • Socially responsible actions in case of restructuring – restructuring of the company or investment with possible serious social consequences.
  • The fundamental principles of corporate social responsibility and in particular opposition to child labor as well as support for measures taken under European anti-fraud and anti-corruption legislation in the field of World Trade.

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Tachtaridou M. Barbara,

Chairman and CEO

Our Philosophy
The philosophy of our company is summarized in the quote, one of the seven philosophers of the ancient Greece. Pittakos of Mytilene:

"Wise people anticipate difficult things to happen and brave people when they do deal with them properly"
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